Bricker-Price Block Restoration Corp.
Board of Directors

Connie Terry, President

Mindy Williamson, Vice President

Kathy Woolcott, Secretary & Treasurer

Sharon Krause

Amy Willem

Christie Goodrich

Jerry Parkin

Ann Black

Heather Riley

Allissa Johnson, Executive Director

Our Mission

The Bricker-Price Block Project Mission is to expand educational, cultural and recreational opportunities for Iowans through the restoration and redevelopment of the historic Bricker-Price Block in the heart of the vibrant, rural community of Earlham, Iowa.

Our Vision

The Bricker-Price Block Project Vision is a revitalized streetscape along the Bricker-Price Block in Earlham, Iowa, which honors community history yet provides relevant 21st century educational, recreational, social, and cultural experiences. Upstairs, a modern gathering space provides opportunities for classes, culinary explorations, celebrations, and more. The street level is home to a restaurant and an outdoor patio which intentionally blurs the distinction between private business and a public street.