Bricker-Price Block Restoration Corp.
Board of Directors

Connie Terry, President

Christie Goodrich, Vice President

Heather Riley, Secretary

Mark Beatty, Treasurer

Sharon Krause

Amy Willem

Jerry Parkin

Val Hammen

Allissa Johnson, Executive Director

Our Mission

The Bricker-Price Block Project Mission is to expand educational, cultural and recreational opportunities for Iowans through the restoration and redevelopment of the historic Bricker-Price Block in the heart of the vibrant, rural community of Earlham, Iowa.

Our Vision

The Bricker-Price Block Project Vision is a revitalized streetscape along the Bricker-Price Block in Earlham, Iowa, which honors community history yet provides relevant 21st century educational, recreational, social, and cultural experiences. Upstairs, a modern gathering space provides opportunities for classes, culinary explorations, celebrations, and more. The street level is home to a restaurant and an outdoor patio which intentionally blurs the distinction between private business and a public street.