Kid’s Club Summer Camp Instructors

Bricker-Price Block’s mission for our Kid’s Club Summer Camps is to create a fun environment with an educational twist for any child ages 5 through 14. We purposefully hire local educators, professionals and volunteers as our Kid’s Club Summer Camp instructors.

Hello, I’m Alli Waugh! I teach K-6 technology at Earlham Schools. When I am not teaching technology, I enjoy being creative and crafty. I’m excited to be able to share my creative knowledge and skills at Bricker-Price Block’s Kid’s Club Summer Camps.

Hi, I’m Connie Terry! I am one of the Board of Directors of Bricker-Price Block and a certified middle and high school math teacher. I currently work for Green Hills Area Education Agency. This is not my first summer camp experience. I have also taught summer camps at the University of Northern Iowa. I can’t wait for the opportunity to share in some out of the box learning opportunities with kids!

Hi, I’m Diogenes Ayala! I am the Madison County Emergency Manager with years of experience in disaster planning and recovery. I love to teach and help people understand complex subjects. Community outreach is important to me and being a part of the kids club summer camp is a great way to teach future emergency managers!

Hi! I’m Nikki Lilly. I am an elementary instructional coach-working with teachers to make their classrooms even more awesome. I also lead youth programs at our church. Working with kids is a passion of mine, and helping with Kid’s Club Summer Camps allows me to do that! I am excited to work with students in a different setting and see how skills from the classroom can carry over into other settings.

Hi, I’m Kelcie Hale! I am a soon to be senior in college and I was a part of the beginning planning of the Bricker-Price Building. I aspire to be a teacher and I know this is going to be a great experience for me. I also love kids and being active!!

Hello, I’m Kristin Sheffield. I have been an educator since 2002, and coached several athletic teams, directed plays, taught HS English, and currently serving as Director of Teaching and Learning and TLC Coordinator at Earlham Schools. Integrating technology and problem-solving challenges into learning experiences is one of my passions in education, and Kid’s Club is a great way to do that during the summer!

Hello, I’m Alissa Beisner. I teach fourth grade in Waukee. I enjoy learning alongside kids and seeing all the wonderful things they can accomplish when they set their mind to something! Kid’s Club Summer Camp allows me the opportunity to continue that over the summer and I can’t wait to see the fun things the kids will create!

Hi! My name is Diane Beisner! Music is, and will always be, a major part of my life. I’ve been directing two choirs and a handbell group at my church for the past several years and look forward to singing and playing handbells with new faces at this camp!

Hello, I’m Alli Pellman! I am currently a substitute associate at Earlham Schools in all grades PK-12! I look forward to seeing some familiar faces this summer!

Hello from Debbie Jones! Music has always been an important part of my life. I grew up with square dancing and round dancing as my parents were dance instructors. For 15 years I was accompanist for the Melody Makers, and for 40 years have played for church, Sunday School, weddings and funerals. My best friend has always been my piano. I am retired today after 33 years working for the State of Iowa. I look forward to working with the kids club this summer and making memories they will never forget.