Farm-to-Table Dinner

Harvest Gathering Farm-to-Table Dinner

Every fall, we host an authentic farm-to-fork dinner always with the mission of bringing all of our friends, family and community members together to enjoy an intimate, locally sourced five-course meal while honoring our agricultural roots and celebrating all of the programming and events that take place in our community event venue, Bricker-Price Block in Earlham, Iowa

Our Chef

Self-styled “the all-purpose flour of food service and hospitality”, Chef Jacob Schroeder uses his broad skillset and passion for supporting local businesses to connect people in their communities while helping the food scene in Des Moines grow. Offering services ranging from custom in-house private chef experiences, to collaborative pop-up events around Iowa, a soon-to-be-launched weekly offering of prepared take-home meals to professional training and consultation. Jacobs’s ingredient and technique focused cuisine and knack for hospitality will leave you with fond memories and new connections to the amazing people and things that make Des Moines unique.

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Our Mission

The mission of our farm-to-table dinner is to not only honor our agricultural roots but to also celebrate all of the programming and events that take place in our community event venue at Bricker-Price Block. This much anticipated event sold out in nine minutes in 2019.

The History of our Harvest Gathering Farm-to-Table Dinner

On October 20th, 2019, our very first farm-to-table dinner was set in the middle of our small town under farm-style lights in the middle of Chestnut Avenue in front of Bricker-Price Block in Earlham, Iowa. Since then, the Harvest Gathering Farm-to-Table Dinner has become an annual event that celebrates our community’s rural roots and encompasses a genuine sense of fellowship.

“What a great sense of community and fellowship to be a part of! The food was fantastic, the service was impeccable, and the company was perfection.” – Megan, 2019 Harvest Gathering Guest