Will lunch and snacks be provided?

Yes, with the help of our generous support of local philithropic organization Chicks with Checks and local cafe Beans & Beginets, healthy lunches and snacks will be FREE!

What is your process for finding and hiring staff, and what qualifications do they have?

We purposefully hire local educators, professionals and volunteers as our Kid’s Club Summer Camp Instructors.

Do you still need volunteers?

Yes! We are accepting all volunteers 14-years-old and up to help assist with programming and organization. This is also a Silver Cord approved volunteer opportunity. Click here to sign up to volunteer.

Are parents required to stay during the camp?

No! Please sign in your kids at our registration table starting at 8:30 AM before each camp. We will have your contact information should any issues arise. We will also make sure to confirm who is picking up your child after camp concludes.

Will scholarships and/or discounts available?

Yes! If you sign up for FOUR OR MORE of our 2021 Kid’s Club Summer Camps, you can get 10% discount on each camp you register for. Please use the code DISCOUNT at registration.

Scholarships are also available for families that fall within the 250th percentile of the Federal Poverty Line. Check out more information here.