Parent’s Night Out | Kid’s Night In

HEY PARENTS! Do you need a night off?! Grab some last minute gifts, go on a date night or just go home and relax and let Bricker-Price Block and EFit take your kids off your hands for the night!

Get your kids (kindergarten +) registered, then drop them off with us at Bricker-Price Block on Saturday, December 10th from 5-9 PM, and we will take care of the rest!!

We will entertain them with activities, dinner, crafts, games, a movie and a good old fashioned pajama party. Make sure they wear their favorite pajamas and bring their sleeping bags, blankets and/or pillows with them for more comfortable movie watching.

Do you have more than one kiddo? We have a discount! $5 off each kid you sign up!

If you sign up two kids, use the code: TWOKIDS

If you sign up three kids, use the code: THREEKIDS

If you sign up four kids, use the code: FOURKIDS