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Why is Bricker-Price Block Non-Profit?

I’ve gotten asked this question a few times, “Why is Bricker-Price Block Non-Profit?”

If this is the first time you are hearing this, that’s correct – our local performance and event venue, Bricker-Price Block is, in fact, a 501(c) (3) which means it’s our organization’s goal to NOT make a profit.

Let me say this again for the people in the back of the room, Bricker-Price Block is not interested in making money. We are just interested in paying our bills to keep the lights on, the heat/air conditioning running and the free WiFi streaming.

Why in the world would we do that?

Our mission is to provide a unique rental venue and event space that brings our community together in interesting and entertaining ways. We are very similar to the Blank Park Zoo or the Science Center of Iowa… only less black rhinos and no IMAX theatre.

Being a non-profit also makes us eligible to apply for grants that specifically achieve our community-focused mission. The perfect example of this is our Kid’s Club.

Kids showing off their silly faces during Bricker-Price Blocks local and affordable summer camps called Kid's Club.

Bricker-Price Block's Kid's Club: Making a Mess Camp

Our Kid’s Club is a schedule full of local and affordable summer educational programming that’s hosted by local teachers and other area organizations like Iowa State University Extension and Outreach: Madison County and the Des Moines Art Center.

Last fall, Bricker-Price Block applied and was awarded an anonymous grant to host the Kid’s Club camps and classes for children and provide FREE camps and classes specifically for children that fall within the 250% of the Federal Poverty Line.

Two girls making towers our of paper, paperclips and tape at Bricker-Price Block's Kid's Club.

Bricker-Price Block's Kid's Club: Making a Mess Camp

According to United Way of Central Iowa, only 22.9% of central Iowans live ABOVE the 250% Federal Poverty Line. And according to the National Center for Children in Poverty, poverty is the single greatest threat to children’s well-being. This is why offering free educational monogramming for that population in our community is so important to us!

Why is the community's support is so vital to our mission?

Understanding our community's needs so important and vital to achieve our community-focused mission. This why we frequently ask for feedback and encourage participation.

Without our community supporting our efforts, attending our events and providing valuable feedback, the Bricker-Price Block Board of Directors and I are not fulfilling our vision and mission to continue to provide a community-driven, innovative event space and affordable, one-of-a-kind rental venue. We want to be the most cost-effective place to go to when you need a place to host your daughter's bridal or baby shower. We want to be the go-to event space for a date night with your husband that's close to home. We want to be able to provide extracurricular educational and cultural experiences for our community, youth to seniors, at little to no cost.

If you want to get involved with or donate to Bricker-Price Block's mission, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!


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