For seniors, developing various positive sources of social support also can reduce stress, ward off anxiety and depression, and reduce the risk of some physical health concerns. (source)


This free programming, provided specifically for senior citizens but welcome to all, will be offered every Friday at 10 AM starting this spring!

The History of our Senior Speaker Series

In 2019 as Bricker-Price Block was looking to expand our community-focused vision, we discovered that there was a large portion of our community that was under served. While there are several services provided to senior citizens in our community, there are currently not many free programming opportunities that encourage them to continue to be educated, explore new cultures and relive our unique local and national history. After launching our first Senior Speaker Series programming in the fall of 2019, we discovered that in addition to all of those things, our series also encouraged our guests to tell their own stories and build relationships with each other.

Bricker-Price Block sincerely thanks Earlham Lions Club + Montross Pharmacy for their generous support of our Senior Speaker Series