How We’re Choosing to Pivoting our Nonprofit Event Venue Business during a Pandemic

First of all, I’ve got to say that pivoting our nonprofit events and rental business among a pandemic has not been an easy task. But, we at Bricker-Price Block know that we are not alone in this. No part of this pandemic has been easy for ANYONE. Many parents are homeschooling their children while working full-time. Teachers have had to pivot their teaching styles to accommodate virtual learning. Several restaurants are adjusting their menus to accommodate to-go only ordering. And, many healthcare workers are putting their lives at risk every single day to ensure that our nation overcomes Coronavirus (COVID-19). No one is immune to dealing with the heartbreaking ramifications of this pandemic, but we’ve managed to figure out a few ways to pivot our nonprofit event and rental venue right now!

Pivoting is not the end of the disruption process, but the beginning of the next leg of your journey.Jay Samit

YES! We Are Still Hosting Events… Virtually

As soon as we closed our doors on March 16th, 2020, we began thinking of new ways that we could continue to be in community with our audience. Bricker-Price Block is a nonprofit performance and event venue that’s main source of income before Coronavirus (COVID-19) was live events. With live events no longer being an option, we looked for opportunities to host our events virtually.

We are currently hosting two virtual trivia events each week: Family Friendly Team Trivia every Thursday at 6:30 PM and Late Night Team Trivia every Saturday at 8:30 PM. Both events are free, but we elected to offer a free will donation option for our guests also. Our virtual trivia events have hosted up to 60 teams right from our hometown of Earlham, Iowa to as far away as Rochester, New York and Los Angeles, California.

We are continuing to look for new and innovative ways to host our events and programming. Contact us if you’d like to get involved.  

We can’t thank [Bricker-Price Block] enough for providing this for the community. [They] are honestly giving us about the only social interaction and fun outside of the family circle during this time. We had a blast, kids and all! – Virtual Trivia Participant

We’ve leaned on Our Supporters

Bricker-Price Block has got the best volunteers, and our past supporters (plus several new ones) have stepped up to the plate for us! They’ve spent their extra time in quarantine helping us come up with new trivia content and intriguing trivia themes. They’ve also helped supply us with our quarantine care package prizes from a handcrafted wooden slot hockey game and farm fresh eggs to outdoor games for kids and craft beer for the adults. If you are looking for ways to get involved in our community, contact us!

Family trivia [has been] such a bright light during this time! – Virtual Trivia Participant

We Are Staying Positive!

Lastly, we’re not letting this pandemic get the best of us! Every weekday, we are hosting live videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages with the intent to continue to build our community, sharing positive news, funny stories and some real-life quarantine experiences. This perspective has afforded us a unique opportunity to continue to be in community with our current supporters while creating new relationships with more people than we’ve ever imagined! Do you have some positive pandemic news to share? Let us know! We’d love to share with our community!

Top FIVE Reasons to Come to Trivia at Bricker-Price Block

#1: We have Something for {Almost} Everybody

We’ve changed something recently with our Team Trivia nights at Bricker-Price Block. Have you noticed? We no longer do 5 (five) trivia rounds of one-theme. Instead, we now do 6 (six) rounds of miscellaneous trivia! This new Team Trivia concept ensures that {almost} EVERYONE showing up to our Team Trivia events will be able to compete.  Unless, you don’t like to have fun. In that case, our Trivia nights may not be for you…

If you DO like to have fun though, you can expect some general knowledge trivia, photo trivia, a themed round or two of trivia, name that tune trivia, audio clip trivia, etc. Plus, you should see the tie breakers we come up with! One time we made teams chug eggnog! #ChristmasVacationTrivia

#2: It’s an Excuse to Get Together with {Your Fun} Friends + Family

For our Team Trivia events, we encourage you to gather up to 6 (six) team members, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a team of 2 (two), 3 (three), 4 (four) or 5 (five). Call your college roommates, your high school buddies, your girlfriends, your bros, your sister, your brother, your great aunt Linda. It doesn’t matter to us who or how many people bring or what the occasion is! Just assemble a team, make sure they are FUN people and Bricker-Price Block will do the rest!

#3: You’re Bound to Learn Something New

Even if you don’t walk away with our Einstein trophy as our Team Trivia night winner, you will still walk away with some newfangled knowledge and fun facts to chat about at the water cooler with coworkers or at the dinner table with family. At Bricker-Price Block, we promise to bring out all of the best trivia every month from hysterical historical events to classical current events and every little fact in between.

#4: It’s Affordable Fun

I challenge you to find a more affordable night out than Team Trivia at Bricker-Price Block. It’s just $30 (thirty) per team. So if you have 6 (six) people on your team, that just $5 (five) per person for 6 rounds of trivia, for a night without the kids and for a great time! Can you think of any event more affordable? I can’t! We are firm believers that local events should be entertaining and affordable! You can get your team signed up for any one of our 2020 Team Trivia events here. We host our events every third Saturday of the month.

#5: We Only “Hire” Local Hosts & Bartenders

This year, we are going to be switching up our Team Trivia event hosts. We never actually “hire” our hosts or bartenders, they are all local volunteers who “work” for tips, free beer + a good time. Which means that every time you come to our trivia nights, you’ll see a familiar face that’s excited to entertain you for the night! It could be the former or current mayor of Earlham… It could be a local teacher or coach from the Earlham Community School District…. Or it could be one of Bricker-Price Block’s Board of Directors or our very own Executive Director, Allissa Johnson!

Team_UpDog celebrating a Team Trivia win!