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Team Trivia

We LOVE bringing people together! Whether it’s bringing families together for a family game night, bringing friends together for an adult night out or even bringing coworkers together during a corporate meeting, we really LOVE hosting a variety of Team Trivia Events!

Monthly Team Trivia

Up in our community event venue, we host live trivia events monthly. We organize six random (or sometimes themed) rounds of trivia for teams up to six members. We always have beer + wine available for purchase and some free snacks! Stay tuned to our Facebook  page for upcoming events!

Virtual Team Trivia

After COVID-19 shut down live events around the globe, we pivoted and started hosted our trivia nights online! We hosted almost 30 virtual Team Trivia events with our Family Friendly Trivia & Late Night Trivia. Because of the tremendous support and positive feedback of those online events, we’ve decided to include a virtual options with ALL of our trivia events! Stay tuned to our Facebook  page for upcoming events!

Trivia for Companies, Organizations or Outings

When you book our community event venue, the Hadley Family Social Club in the Bricker-Price Block, you have the option to add on a live trivia event for your group. Whether you plan a break during your Corporate Meeting or a fun activity for your organization’s Holiday Party, these trivia events are perfect and ideal for team building and entertaining a crowd! Contact our Executive Director for more information.

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